06 February 2013


Okay...I'm going to try this again!  We are all doing great here.  Aidan is now 5 and in Kindergarten (how did that happen?) and our baby girl Autumn Grace is 15 months old and Lord do we love this girl.  The kids are thick as thieves and I smile every time I see them together.  Aidan loves her and is super protective over her...until she messes with his stuff.  All bets are off then!  We are making our way through winter here in Knoxville with some big changes on the horizon.  Never a dull moment in our household!  Can't wait to get back to blogging more regularly.  Have so much to share!

10 November 2012

Aidan the Pilot

While we were in Washington State for the holidays last year JR took Aidan up on his first flight.  To say that he was excited would be an understatement!  I think I'll have two pilots in the family now!

Christmas Morning 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!!

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!  My sweet girl!

Christmas 2011 Snaps

Random Pictures!

 Autumn and Daddy at Fantasy of Trees...she was so tiny~
 Autumn Grace and her Great Grandma
 Autumn's First Plane Ride~
Mommy and Autumn hanging out in Gatlinburg!

Halloween 2011

Aidan and JR make his Halloween costumes and this was a super fun Robot Costume!  Complete with LED lights and all.  Cuties!

First Family Snap Shots!

My mom took these photos while she was out visiting when Autumn was born.  We were of course WORN OUT and even my mom's magical photoshop work can't hide it!

Autumn's Newborn Photos

 My mom took this one of little pumpkin at about 6 days old

 My Sweet Sweet Girl